Hustle History

The Hot Dog Hustle is based on a modified version of the ancient Olympic “race of soldiers” or Hoplitodromos held in Scottsdale, Arizona annually. The inception of the Hot Dog Hustle goes back to the halcyon days of 2016 when two friends (Rocky and Hussein) were discussing their former athletic prowess over a few adult beverages. The debate raged on until a wager was made, and the Hot Dog Hustle was born. It would be a footrace! Once the race details were negotiated, and a board of directors for the race was established, wagering began.  
The Hot Dog Hustle sits at the crossroads of athletic completion, alcohol consumption, and meat in tube form.
The “Hustle” as it is known among organizers and attendees is held on a crispy December Monday morning in the lush athletic fields of Chaparral Park in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. The race is only part of the Hot Dog Hustle experience. The race is accompanied by music, networking with locals,  and a fun culinary extravaganza, prepared by some of the valley’s premier chefs and bartenders. The event is hosted by the prestigious Karsen’s Athletic Club (KAC).